Sofar Sounds Concert

As an avid concertgoer, I often find myself at The Fillmore or the Fox Theater. Outside of California, I've attended shows at Red Rocks outside of Denver, as well as at the Ryman in Nashville.

Two Saturdays ago I checked out my first Sofar Sounds concert. Sofar Sounds is a London-based group that puts on intimate concerts in unconventional venues. The location is released the day before each show, and attendees find out who's playing when they arrive at the venue. There's a lottery system to get invited, and I opted to go solo this time around instead of purchasing several tickets for friends.

  The living room venue

The living room venue

I arrived at a SoMa apartment not quite knowing what to expect. The welcoming volunteers who checked me in kindly thought that this wasn't my first Sofar Sounds rodeo. Upon entering a living room that had previously served as a garage, I immediately knew that it was going to be a night of great music. It felt more like a chill gathering of friends and less like a collection of strangers, as people were sitting comfortably on the floor and standing casually in the kitchen.

The three featured musicians of the night were Eva B. Ross, Saint Tizdale, and Damon Ong, who all played acoustic guitar sets. Each was extremely musically talented, had a distinct style, and exhibited great stage presence. On that note, there was no elevated stage. Audience members were within 20 to 30 feet of each performer, and there was no need for a sound system. I literally almost bumped into one of the artists in between sets! During the brief set breaks, the concertgoers I stood next to were excited to discuss their enjoyment of music. This was my first time experiencing a concert in such an intimate venue, and it was an amazing way to discover new music. If you live in a city where Sofar Sounds is active, I would urge you to attend a show. I know that I will be venturing to more in the future.

Hello, 2018

The transition to a new year tends to usher in a heightened sense of personal reflection. I've had blogs on Xanga, LiveJournal, and Tumblr -- and it's always fun to look back at my historic thoughts. With that said, Connie's California is an exercise in documenting what I enjoy about living in California, as well as about delving into personal finance. As a former South Carolinian, I also occasionally venture back to the East Coast.

Several months ago, I realized how much I like living in San Francisco. I immediately felt defensive upon reading a blog post that had glossed over The Haight. There are countless spots among SF's many neighborhoods that are waiting to be discovered.

  The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge from the Embarcadero

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge from the Embarcadero

On the personal finance front, I started saving for retirement when I was 19. At that age, I had the mindset that it's never too early to start saving, which coincided with an internship that allowed me to open a 401(k). The idea of financially empowering myself to achieve various goals has continued to strike my fancy.

My experience in writing for a public forum is limited to a brief stint at my alma mater's newspaper. Over the years, however, I have enjoyed reading the blogs of Carly, MattZina, and David.

Here's to writing in 2018!