Hello, 2018

The transition to a new year tends to usher in a heightened sense of personal reflection. I've had blogs on Xanga, LiveJournal, and Tumblr -- and it's always fun to look back at my historic thoughts. With that said, Connie's California is an exercise in documenting what I enjoy about living in California, as well as about delving into personal finance. As a former South Carolinian, I also occasionally venture back to the East Coast.

Several months ago, I realized how much I like living in San Francisco. I immediately felt defensive upon reading a blog post that had glossed over The Haight. There are countless spots among SF's many neighborhoods that are waiting to be discovered.

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge from the Embarcadero

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge from the Embarcadero

On the personal finance front, I started saving for retirement when I was 19. At that age, I had the mindset that it's never too early to start saving, which coincided with an internship that allowed me to open a 401(k). The idea of financially empowering myself to achieve various goals has continued to strike my fancy.

My experience in writing for a public forum is limited to a brief stint at my alma mater's newspaper. Over the years, however, I have enjoyed reading the blogs of Carly, MattZina, and David.

Here's to writing in 2018!